Mother's Day

Mother's Day

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11 May - 15 May, only Mother's Day collection is available for purchase.

All orders will be delivered from 9am till 6pm. Specified delivery time is NOT available.

Mother's Day order cancellation is subject to 10% (HKD100 minimum) cancellation fee. *while stock last. ***remote destinations excluded.

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Mother's Day Priority Delivery mother's day flower

Mother's Day Priority Delivery 89009

HK$  120.00
Lindt Swiss Thins

Lindt Swiss Thins 32007

HK$  129.00
I Love You Teddy Toy

I Love You Teddy 33001

HK$  169.00
Brand's Bird's Nest

Brand's Bird's Nest 36002

HK$  299.00
心之舞動 禮品

Dancing Heart 18502

HK$  399.00
FullerSkin GLOW C60™ 8ml

FullerSkin GLOW C60+™ 8ml 18904

HK$  429.00
Love In Heart mother's day flower

Love In Heart 84067

HK$  699.00
Mother's Kindness mother's day flower

Mother's Kindness 81061

HK$  699.00
Selfless Love mother's day flower

Selfless Love 82067

HK$  699.00
Ever Lasting Love mother's day flower

Ever Lasting Love 82061

HK$  699.00
Happy Childhood mother's day flower

Happy Childhood 83067

HK$  699.00
Mother's Gentleness mother's day flower

Mother's Gentleness 83061

HK$  699.00
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