Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

FREE Delivery* & FREE upgrade to Premium Kenyan Roses**

10 Feb - 15 Feb, only Valentine collection is available for purchase.

Valentine orders will be delivered from 8am till 6pm. Specified delivery time is NOT available.

Valentine order cancellation is subject to 10% (HKD100 minimum) cancellation fee. *remote destinations excluded **while stock last.

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Valentine Ferrero Rocher

Valentine Ferrero Rocher 79002

HK$  149.00
I Love You Teddy Toy

I Love You Teddy 33001

HK$  169.00
Me To You Happy Birthday Bunting

Me To You Love Teddy and Mug Set 33007

HK$  299.00
Valentine Love

Valentine Love 74001

HK$  399.00
心之舞動 禮品

Dancing Heart 18502

HK$  399.00
FullerSkin GLOW C60™ 8ml

FullerSkin GLOW C60+™ 8ml 18904

HK$  429.00
Love At First Sight valentine flower

Love At First Sight 71602

HK$  699.00
I Love You valentine flower

I Love You 72001

HK$  699.00
Blossoming Romance valentine flower

Blossoming Romance 71606

HK$  699.00
Moonlight Kisses valentine flower

Moonlight Kisses 71607

HK$  699.00
I Want To Be Yours valentine flower

I Want To Be Yours 71601

HK$  699.00
Gift Of Valentine

Gift Of Valentine 71406

HK$  799.00
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