The Best Mother's Day Flowers For The Moms In Your Life

Giving the gift of mother's day flowers is a great way to celebrate and appreciate mothers. Whether it is your own mother you are celebrating, or a woman close to you who is a mother, express your gratitude and love with a carefully chosen bouquet of gorgeous flowers. There is no other holiday on the calendar more popular for sending flowers than mother's day. Americans spend about $2 billion on mother's day flowers every year. Do not send flowers to your mother just because it is what the rest of the country does, however. Make the gift special by choosing just the right flowers to carry your unique message.

The flowers should depend on the woman. If you are trying to choose an arrangement for your own mom, send a flower that you know she loves. If you are unsure, select something to match her personality. Orchids are special and unique, for example. So if your mother tends to ignore the trends of the day and set out in her own direction, consider an orchid. If she loves tradition and beauty, send her a dozen roses. Send your mom flowers that can be planted if you want her to be able to enjoy them longer than fresh stems, which will only last for about a week. If she is a gardener, she might really appreciate a pot of violets or tulips that she can plant.

If you are choosing flowers to send your wife or partner on mother's day, make sure a little bit of romance is mixed in with the arrangements. You want to acknowledge all that she does and is as a mother, but you also want to tell her that you love and cherish her. Send something with a little bit of passion, such as a stunning collection of irises and roses. Help your little ones pick out something sweet and innocent to give her, such as daisies.

Perhaps you want to send some flowers to a mother who is not your mother, but a very special woman who does amazing things, either for your own children or for other children. Send a caregiver a traditional bouquet of mother's day flowers, such as lilies, or tulips, or even a collection of yellow or white roses. Violets are also pretty and bright, as are chrysanthemums and peonies. A wildflower bouquet with a little bit of everything will also give the recipient a colorful and playful collection of flowers to enjoy.

It may be true that everyone sends flowers on mother's day, but you can make your flowers stand out by choosing something unique and special. Your bouquet will be especially appreciated if you select flowers that match the mother's personality and character. Spend a little bit of time thinking about what your mother, wife, or special woman will really enjoy and appreciate before you start putting together an arrangement. Remember to include a nice note that explains how much you appreciate everything she does, and then let her enjoy her special day.