Celebrate Your Love With These Anniversary Flowers

Whether you are celebrating your first anniversary or your fiftieth, saying "I love you" with anniversary flowers is a romantic, loving, and beautiful gesture. You can choose to send your husband or wife a surprising bouquet at work, or come home with them at the end of the day. If there is a specific flower that is a favorite of yours, be sure to include that flower in the arrangement. Or, choose a sentimental flower, such as the type you brought your wife on your first date. If you are unsure of what kind of flowers to send in celebration of your anniversary, consider selecting the sort of flower that demonstrates the number of years you have been together.

If you are celebrating your first year of love, select carnations. Carnations represent joy and commitment. You can find carnations in almost any color you want, or mix several different shades together. The second wedding anniversary is traditionally marked with lily of the valley, which is an enduring symbol of love. They are also unique, and very pretty to display. The third anniversary is often celebrated with sunflowers, and the bright and cheerful blooms are especially appropriate in the summer. For your fourth anniversary, gather a bunch of hydrangea to show your appreciation.

If you have celebrated a few anniversaries together already, you probably know what your special someone likes when it comes to flowers. Go with his or her favorite flower in a nice bouquet, or choose a bunch of daisies to celebrate your fifth anniversary. Get the daisies in any color. The most popular shades are white and yellow. For a tenth anniversary, pick a daffodil. Daffodils are meant to remind couples of their simple joys and happiness. Roses are often sent for any anniversary, but they are specifically meant for the fifteenth anniversary. THey celebrate true love and lasting beauty.

Other great anniversary flowers include lilies, iris, orchids, and tulips. Unique flowers such as peonies and aster can also bring an interesting and striking element to any bouquet of flowers. Remember that if you send fresh flowers, you can expect them to last for about a week. Keep them in a vase with fresh water, and give them access to some sunlight.

Some flower bouquets come with a specific number of flowers. If you buy roses, you can get them in a dozen. You can also choose the number of stems based on the number of years you have been together. For example, if you are celebrating your thirtieth anniversary, choose 30 lilies, either in one color or several different shades.

The anniversary flowers you choose will celebrate your time together and express the love and friendship you feel for your spouse or significant other. The type of flower you select will depend on what you and your special someone love, or you can choose a flower based on the amount of time you have been together. Remember to include a special card or gift to remind the recipient how much you love him or her.