Putting Together Festive Happy Birthday Flowers

Sending birthday flowers to celebrate a friend or family member growing another year older is a great idea. Flowers are festive, bright, and hopeful. They can say happy birthday as well as best wishes for the year ahead. Make the bouquet you send unique by selecting specific flowers that represent the recipient's birthday month. Most people know their astrological sign and their birthstone, but not everyone knows that they have a birthday flower. One specific flower is assigned to every month of the calendar. Send the right flower depending on what month the birthday falls in, and get creative when choosing the colors of the blooms and the way they are arranged.

January's birthday flower is the carnation. This is a versatile flower which can be dyed in almost any color. For February, select an iris. The prettiest come in blue shades as well as white. The March birthday flower is the daffodil, which is a bright and sunny yellow color. For April, choose daisies, and mix and match different colors of daisies for an interesting bouquet. These flowers, when cut fresh, will live for about a week in a vase that includes clean water and a little bit of plant food.

The May flower is the lily. It represents purity, and this fragrant flower is also popular for mother's day. Your friends with June birthdays have the rose to look forward to. Send some traditionally reliable and lovely red roses, or select yellow roses for a good friend, or a bouquet of white roses for a family member you cherish. Say happy birthday to your July friends with a bunch of larkspur. These purple and summery flowers are simple and always look fresh. Choose gladiolus for August birthdays. These are sturdy flowers will which bring the recipient joy and birthday wishes.

The aster is the September birthday flower. It is a light purple flower with a yellow center. These look great in bouquets of mixed flowers. October birthday celebrants are assigned the marigold. Marigolds come in autumn colors such as gold, orange, yellow and red. You can present a pot of them instead of fresh marigolds, and they will last much longer. November birthdays get the cheerful chrysanthemum. They come in many bright colors, so choose your favorite shade when putting together an arrangement. The poinsettia is the December birthday flower. Its bright red color is the traditional shade, and you can also find them in white and even purple.

Naturally, you do not need to use the birthday flower guide to send a lovely bouquet to someone celebrating another year. If your friend or loved one has a favorite flower, send it instead. However, if you are unsure of what to send, and you are not sure what the recipient will really love, send a carefully selected bouquet of the proper birthday flower. Birthday flowers are always very personal, and you can add a twist to your gift by choosing a creative vase, or delivering them yourself with a nice piece of birthday cake.