Selecting A Bundle Of New Baby Flowers

One way to congratulate parents when they welcome a brand new bundle of joy into the world is to send them a bouquet of new baby flowers. Celebrating a new life is fun with a bunch of pretty, lively flowers, and you can personalize the flowers you send depending on whether it is a boy or girl baby. Flowers will make a hospital room look more welcoming, and most types will live long enough to make it home with mother and baby, where they can be displayed in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, or even the nursery. Some bouquets can be specially arranged to include a rattle, pacifier, or other little toy that the baby will enjoy.

When choosing flowers to celebrate and welcome a new baby, think about pastel or light colors that are softer and more playful. Smaller arrangements are usually more appropriate, and less is often more. You do not want to overwhelm the new mother with a large bouquet that is bigger than her newborn. You will also want to consider that moving the baby, mother, and all of their clothes and belongings out of the hospital and into the car and the house can be a challenge without having to worry about balancing armfuls of flowers. Choose a pretty, compact, and meaningful bouquet of flowers to say congratulations.

For a new baby girl, pink is the most traditional color to send. You can send pink new baby flowers of any kind, including roses, carnations, pansies, daisies, lilies, and other types of blooms. Add some baby's breath or other greenery to soften and fill out the selection, and you will have a darling bouquet that expresses joy, hope, and femininity. Be creative when it comes to dressing up the gift, too. Use pretty ribbon with polka dots or other playful patterns. Instead of a traditional vase, the flowers can be gathered in a ceramic piece of art that resembles a building block, baby carriage, or small animal.

For a baby boy, most people think blue. You can send blue flowers such as bluebells, carnations, lilies, and other flowers that are dyed in a light shade of blue. Add white flowers for baby boys too. White roses or carnations look nice in any arrangement. You could also do a color such as yellow. Many flowers come in yellow and look very natural, including daffodils, sunflowers, and daisies.

You can use a florist and delivery service if you want the gift to arrive unexpectedly. Or, you can take the flowers with you to visit the new family at the hospital. Any little token of congratulations and love will be appreciated by the new parents, but putting a little extra thought and care into the flowers you choose will really make a difference. Choosing new baby flowers should be a fun and joyful experience. Select some of your favorite flowers, and consider the gender of the new baby. Put the bouquet together in a charming little bundle that includes a baby toy or present, and the new baby flowers will truly be enjoyed.